Welcome to our Book Study section!

This section is based on book studies delivered for professional learning with a teaching staff at a school or groups of teachers in a district. We love ASCD books and enjoy reading them together with our teachers. The materials you will find in this section are from actual book study we have run. We get our ideas from materials on the ASCD website like Study Guides or videos and podcasts of the author as well other education related books and articles. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to have discussion with or exchange emails with the author.

The format starts with dividing the book into 4 or 5 sessions followed by creating a slide show to take us through some interactive activities for each session. Handouts when appropriate are included. This is just one way to work through the book. You can use the materials as is, edit them in any way you see fit or start from scratch. The materials are just meant to be a starting place to get your professional discussion underway.

If you got some great ideas for an ASCD book study you want to share, please let us know. We would be happy to post it here!

Start your Book Study at any time and at no cost. Just sign up, and the materials are yours. Happy reading!
Book Study Request: How to Give Effective Feedback (Brookhart)